Artificial turf

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Artificial turf

It was invented in 1960. It is a manufacturer and manufacturer of synthetic fibers of high-quality polyethylene, while high-quality polypropylene and latex are supported. Polyethylene is heated until liquid is added, color pigments are added, and anti-rust materials are added. The sun is so red that it can withstand climatic conditions and sunlight and gives artificial grass the appearance and feel of the natural grass. There are many densities and heights and artificial grass is used for playgrounds and

Why artificial turf?

  • Withstands a temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Resistant to adverse weather factors such high temperature and humidity with chemical reactions.
  • Color does not fade and never affected by desertification factors.
  • Ideal for the areas, which are not exposed to Sunshine or water.
  • It is safe because it is made of environment friendly materials.
  • No need to use fertilizers or insecticides.
  • No need to irrigate or trim.

Advantages of Artificial Turf

  • Cost is lower than that of natural turf.
  • Stable color and does not show discoloration or fading if compared with the natural turf.
  • Standard color of artificial turf and the length of thread are unlike the natural turf which needs to be trimmed regularly.
  • The artificial turf does require extension of irrigation networks, where the natural does.
  • No fertilizers or any chemicals are used because no need to do that.
  • Unlike natural turf, it does not host any insects or mosquitos.
  • Easy to clean and need to use turf cleaning machines or blowers.

Artificial turf

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Advantages of sports playgrounds Permanent colors round the year irrespective of weather changes High ability to withstand atmospheric factors and high temperature Does not harm the environment when manufactured in accordance with the international quality standards High prevention of players when properly installed High capability.

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