Prevention and safety

The best way that prevents you from infectious diseases

Rubber panels

Rubber plates with an attractive appearance and high durability and multi-use, such as whether external or internal passages uses such as sports halls

Benefits of rubber sheets

  • easy cleaning with normal cleaning materials.
  • Rubber sheets are characterized by slipping prevention and skidding.
  • Protects kids from hazards of falling.
  • Highly resistant to atmospheric factors and high temperature.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Anti tear and live longer.
  • Preserve horse health against contagious diseases.

Usage of rubber sheets

  • Schools and universities yards and playgrounds.
  • Fitness clubs and body building centers.
  • In and out-door yards.
  • Around swimming pools and corridors.
  • In hospitals, hotels, factories and government buildings.
  • Horse stables and facilities.
  • Theatres and conference and celebrity rooms.

Rubber sheets



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We care about protection and confidence through hygiene leading to a safety in employment

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Advantages of sports playgrounds Permanent colors round the year irrespective of weather changes High ability to withstand atmospheric factors and high temperature Does not harm the environment when manufactured in accordance with the international quality standards High prevention of players when properly installed High capability.

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